How to Send Encrypted Email using Any Email ID

Do you ever think that your email IDs could be hacked even when you have a very strong password? You can use any kind of email provider like Google Mail, Yahoo, email ID with your own domain and any other but still you are in danger zone as always.

You can use two factor authentication in everywhere in order to add a second layer of security and make your email ID protected. But still there are so many ways to hack your online account.

Anyway, that is a different story. Let’s say you have something confidential and want to send that to someone over email. And you know that you can’t send password protected emails either using Gmail or using Yahoo or anything else. There are some browser extensions or apps but I don’t think that it is the ultimate solution.

So, what is the solution? The solution is very simple. Try any website in order to send encrypted email to your friends or office stuffs. In fact, today I am going to use such a great website that will let you send password protected email to anyone on this planet.

How to send encrypted email?

This is pretty simple with LockBin. This is such a great cloud based app which will help you at this situation. Just head on to this site and click the Start Now button to send an encrypted email.

The next screen will ask you to write everything including Your Name, email, recipient email, password and so on.

Send Encrypted Email

You can also add attachment in your email.

After that that press the Submit button to send that email to the entered email ID.

Obviously, your friend will get a confirmation message for your message. Ask him to click on that message and enter the password what you have entered in the message during writing.

You can also open that message through an URL what you will get after pressing the Submit button.

That’s all! Hope this web app would help you a lot to send encrypted email.

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