Top 5 Online Document Storage – Don’t Lose Anything

Now a days, we should create a hard copy of every important thing since you might fall in trouble due to data lose or system crash. We browse internet a lot and this is the reason behind data lose. Tons of malware, virus come to our PC, mobile and hence we lose everything what should not be.

But if you have made a hard copy of your data what your phone or computer has, there is nothing to worry. Isn’t it? But sometime it becomes very time overshadowing for our busy schedule.

Nevertheless, there is another options which is known as *backup*. Although making of the hard copy is also called backup but now I am talking about online backup with top security like two factor authentication which is now being supported by almost every online storage providers.

There are more than 5 reasons for that I always prefer online document storage instead of burning them in a CD or DVD;

  1. You can use them anywhere
  2. Uploading speed is much fast
  3. Download speed is also fast
  4. Security is better
  5. Easily sharable

So, now you should also use different online document storage so that you can grab those opportunity like me.

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Best online document storage:

Actually, most of them are known to you but you might not using them like document storage.

Google Drive:

Google is one of the best online document storage out there which is being developed by Google Inc. You will get 15GB of free space in your Google Drive account when this is also possible to add more space anytime. It is available for almost every platform including Windows, Mac, Web version and so on. I love it since it also help you to edit any kind of document in Google Docs.


Dropbox is another great online document storage and this is famous for two-factor authentication. You can easily enable two step verification in your Dropbox account which provides 2GB of free space. You can also increase this memory size by doing various things like refer to a friend.


SkyDrive is my third preference for its memory what they provide and it is cheaper than other storage. You need a Windows Live account in order to access SkyDrive. This is however very easy to enable two factor authentication in your SkyDrive account as well.


FlipDrive is another vivid online document storage which provides 5GB of free memory for each account. Obviously you can increase this space by spending few dollars. Just like other storage, you can also upload music, videos as well as documents.


Even though it is not possible to upload any document to Evernote but you can surely use it as a document storage by writing your notes. This is available for Android, Mac, Windows and all other OS. The free account doesn’t allow you to add attachment but you can embed attachment with your notes if you have a premium account.

That’s it! There are also so many online document storage those are available for you but all those aforementioned storages are top.

Are you using any storage? Which one? Do share your opinion with us.

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