Get Better Experience by Excluding Image from Spotlight Search Result in Mac OS X

You know that Mac OS X is another great platform by Apple and there are so many features those are just unavailable on other platforms like Windows, Linux and so on. Even if you can get some of them but the experience won’t be same to OS X.

We previously told you so many tricks on Mac and today I am going to solve another problem what you are facing on Spotlight. You know that Spotlight is a great feature of Mac OS X that is situated at the top right area of your menu bar and works similar to the Windows search.

Just like default Windows search, it also find out the exact file what you need and you will get file according to your typing. But it is much strong than default Windows search and it comes with some good tractability.

In Windows search, you have to do something tricky in order to get search result on file format or type basis but it is very easy to do the same on Mac OS X. even though Spotlight scan Applications, System Preferences, Documents, Images and more others but it is also very simple to exclude anything.

Sometime it is very much helpful to get some files when it might be distractive when you have tons of files with same words like image.png, image1.png, image2.png and so on. At such a situation, you can simply exclude that i.e. image, contact, WebPage or anything else that you don’t like to appear in your search result.

How to exclude image from Spotlight?

This is however very easy and not yet so much time-consuming. Just click the Spotlight button and type any word i.e. a, b, c, d or anything else. Actually, you have to go to the Spotlight Preferences.

Then uncheck Images and back to your search. Now you won’t get any image in Spotlight search result.

exclude image from Spotlight

Note: Today I have shown how you can exclude image from Spotlight search result but you can do the same with other things i.e. Documents, Music, Fonts or any other.

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