Kaspersky Internet Security – The Best Internet Security Software for Windows 7

Now days, internet security becomes the most indispensable thing what you have to take in order to look after your confidentiality. No one can afford the exact list of malware to anyone because it is just unbearable. Every day, tons of websites is being hacked by different prevalent hacker groups, so many people is dropping their online social networking accounts as well as bank balance and so on. No one is here to help except us, ourselves.

We should always use different passwords for different accounts, use two-step verification and take more other steps in terms of security. Earlier we told you about Anti-Virus even that is not a thing what can be elucidate via writing. I strongly indorse you to use a powerful anti-virus on your PC and phone. It really helps a lot.

Some people make a slip-up for using Anti-virus. You know that there are only few free anti-virus on the web and others are paid. Either you have to pay monthly basis or yearly basis or quantity basis for getting a good anti-virus. However, some people use different torrent sites to get that premium anti-virus free. That is not fair. Be honest and tell me have you ever seen that such an anti-virus has perceived a malware? I am bit sure that your answer is NO.

Actually, anti-virus is also a type of virus and they are made using different programs which are good for a computer or you and whenever a different program comes into your computer, your anti-virus distinguishes that as malware. This is the original fact behind an anti-virus.

That is a different story from the core topic of this article but I think that was imperative info for you if you are using a cracked anti-virus.

If you want to get a good anti-virus, there is no substitute to Kaspersky Internet Security. You will have to buy by spending few dollars when you can also use it free for first 30 days.

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security:

Kaspersky Internet Security

It has tons of features and each of them is very [very] useful. The key features are Scan, Safe money, parental Control, Applications Activity, Network Monitor, Virtual Keyboard, Quarantine, Privacy Cleaner, Windows Troubleshooting, Browser Configuration, Application Control, Network Attack Blocker and many more.



You can scan your PC according to your personal condition. You can make either a full scan or custom. Full Scan will take a lot of time if you have 1TB or 2TB hard disk. If you want to scan only a specific drive or folder, just make a custom scan and select what you want to check.

Safe Money:

This is very important for a person who always make payment on different websites. You can add those site is safe list so that it will check those sites for any glitch.

Parental Control:

This is next big feature which will assist you a lot if your computer or laptop also handled by your kid. This is true that internet is not a safe place for kids. Therefore, you can this Parental Control feature to clock internet usage or any other app usage. You just need a password and that is all to do anything.

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Applications Activity:

If you want to use Kaspersky Internet Security as a startup manager or task killer, this section is just perfect. You will get running apps or all apps of your computer or laptop.

Network Monitor:

If your computer connected to a LAN connection or Wi-Fi, then Network Monitor part is useful. Otherwise, if you are using Ethernet broadband or mobile broadband, it is not for you. Anyway, this section will help you to block any particular computer from being connected and you can check ports too.

Virtual Keyboard:

This feature will help you to get a virtual keyboard. You will get an on-screen keyboard on your PC.


If you have made any backup through Kaspersky, you will get that backup copy in this area. From here, you can delete any backup file or restore easily.


kaspersky tools

It contains four different features. You can make search for needless system settings in your computer. The Privacy Cleaner works just like Wipe. You can search for different privacy revealers in your computer. It will scan various apps as well as browsers.

Although here is the end of features but you will surely get more protection from the premium version of Kaspersky Internet Security. From the Settings pane, you can control this app according to your requirements.

That’s all! Hope this internet security program would help you a lot to protect your PC from being damaged by malware.

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