Get Email with Picture for Wrong Password Attempts on Android

Android: the best ever mobile platform for every kind of people i.e. developers, web designers, regular guy or anyone else. There are tons of mobile phone, which is running on Android OS.

Probably you are using password lock in order to protect your phone from being accessed by any other person. You phone might have intimate data and you want to save them from any other people.

You should use a very strong password at anywhere. Still there are people who may try to unlock your phone by guessing different passwords. At this time, I am sure you want to get those people names by doing something.

However, this is very difficult until you are using any third party app because Android doesn’t offer any feature or option to know so by default. That’s why today I am going to acquaint with an app that is known as ­Lockwatch Anti-Theft and it does what you want.

This will be the backbone of your mobile security after the strong Pin lock or password or pattern lock. Whenever any person tries to unlock your phone by entering wrong password/Pin/pattern, it sends an email to pre-defined email ID with the picture (Captured by the front camera) to notify you that your phone may be hacked. It also captures the GPS location of your phone.

How to use Lockwatch like a pro?

This is easy and not so much onerous to set up. It comes with only few options. Just open this app on your phone and make it ON. Then select how many log in attempts you want to store.

Get Email with Picture for Wrong Password Attempts on Android

I have set it ONE. So, whenever someone will enter wrong password only for once, I will be notified through email. There is also another option, which won’t send any email alert if someone will enter wrong password for once and then right password within few moments. I don’t recommend you to activate this.

How to Uninstall Lockwatch?

As it stores all failed long in data, you will need to deactivate it at first from Device Administrators area. Then you can uninstall it like regular application.

Note: You must have to use a password, which is more than four digit or words. On the other end, you will get email alert only when your phone is connected with internet.

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