How to Enable Hidden Chrome Password Generator

You know that online accounts are much risky when you are not using any strong password or two-step verification. However, the thing cannot be happen when you are using a very strong password, which is impossible to guess for someone. You should take care of this from the first day when you create an account at Facebook or Google Mail or Yahoo or anywhere else.

Nevertheless, we think that first time a low quality password is enough but that is not like this. After adding a low quality password, we forget about changing that after sometime. Hence, we face different problems due to that.

You should use a third party password generator to get ideas about strong password. You can also use your brain to do the similar thing. But sometime that becomes bit difficult to create a strong password using our brain with digit, character, word etc. That’s where hidden Chrome password generator comes in.

You know that Google Chrome is the best browser ever. It provides great browsing as well as download speed even when you have a low data connection speed.

How to enable hidden Chrome password generator?

This is pretty simple. Just open your browser and type the following line in the URL bar;


Press Ctrl + F and search for the following line;

Enable Password Generation

By default, it is Disabled. You have to make it Enabled.

Then re-launch your browser.

How to use Chrome password generator?

Chrome password generator appears when you will create a new account. Check the following image;

Enable Hidden Chrome Password Generator

Enable Hidden Chrome Password Generator

That’s all! Hope this trick will help you a lot.

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