Mountain Tweaks – All in One System Utility Tweaker for Mac OS X

Mountain Tweaks is a stand alone all in one utility tweaker application that can help you to do different kinds of system tweaks for Lion and Mountain Lion users. You can apply all the system tweaks at a same time direct from a single Window.

First of all let me introduce ‘Mountain Tweaks’ free Mac OS X utility. Fredrik Wiker is the man behind this small but very useful utility. This powerful app can work with both the Lion and Mountain Lion version of MAC. So Thank You Fredrik for introducing the World with such brilliant app.

Mountain Tweaks is a free app that can be easily downloaded from the owner’s website. People rate this app as a five star app. Here I mention some key features of this powerful utility.

Mountain Tweaks - All in One System Utility Tweaker for Mac OS X

Show/Hide User Library Folder: Generally Library Folder for users remains hidden in Mac OS X. This application helps you to reveal User Library Folder.

Change 2D Doc to 3D Doc: 3D Doc is the shortcut to open your favourite application or folder. This Doc can be found at the bottom of the Home Screen. With this utility you can convert 3D view of the doc to 2D view.

Enable/Disable Local Time Machine backup: Local time machine for mac automatically generates back up of MAC pc. Thus it automatically creates some restore points so that you can recover your machine and send to a good previous state at any time. But this feature might slow down your Macbook. You can disable this feature using Mountain Tweak.

Show Hidden Files of Mountain Lion: System Files are generally hidden by default in MAC. Though there is an alternative option to show hidden files for Mountain Lion (Command Line Method). Yet Mountain Tweaks does the work lot more easier to you – in a single click.

Disable Crash Dialogue Pop Up: If any system crash occur, Os X have a tendency to pop up system crash report automatically for several times as a reminder. This is considered to be a very annoying activity. You can get rid of this using Mountain Tweak.

More Key features of Mountain Tweak are enlisted below:

  1. Get a new stack list view.
  2. Enable itunes doc animation.
  3. Enable Disk Utility Debug menu.
  4. Remove System Window and Mail Window animation.
  5. Enable or Disable spelling correction.
  6. Enable permanent scrollbar.
  7. Enable hidden FTP server.
  8. Disable ‘Go to Folder’ in Folder option.
  9. Disable automatic app termination.

There are a lot of features that can be tweaked with Mountain Tweaks. This is another great utility like Mac VGA Driver Vmware. Just grab the full utility of this free Mountain Tweaks version.

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