How to Find and Replace Particular Text in Bulk on Windows

Windows is the topmost operating system, which has more than billion users. Yesterday, 18th Oct, Windows 8.1 has been released with few couple of new features and tons of bugs has been fixed. Anyway, if you are doing any project of writing something about a pet or internet or anything else and have made a mistake by writing tons of times in different files that are located in different directories, here is the only solution of your mistake.

After writing a particular word or phrase in more 100 times, you can simply opt in to this free portable Windows app to find and replace that word at once.

There is another solution of your problem and that is not recommended and is very time-consuming. You can open each file and press Ctrl + F to find something and Ctrl + R to replace that particular word or phrase. Hence, it is known as time-consuming task. That’s where Find and Replace Tool comes in which is an open source Windows application.

If you are compatible with DOS, you can do so manually. Otherwise, install this software and do the rest.

How to replace particular text in bulk?

Actually, it will be done through your in-built Command Prompt. You can also input the exact command in order to replace something but most of us don’t know the right command. That’s why today I will use ­Find and Replace Tool.

Just download a copy of this app and run it on your PC. It is smoothly working on Windows 8.1 too. After running this app, you the following screen will be appeared.

How to Find and Replace Particular Text in Bulk on Windows

Just fill it up and press the button that says Gen Replace Command Line.

Now open your command prompt and paste it using mouse or Touchpad and hit enter.

That’s all! You have done! In this way, you can also replace multiple lines at once.

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