For Compressing File Size of Mass Images MassImageCompressor is Best

Compressing file size of an image is very necessary to save internet bandwidth before uploading an image to online profiles like Facebook, Google Plus etc. Image compression is very useful to save disk-space of your computer. Web developers and Bloggers always prefer compressed version of images for websites. Because compressed version of an image can save your server disk space and minimize page loading time of a blog.

When compressing images are very necessary to you? Suppose you shot many images of Durga Puja and want to upload all those images to your social profile to share with friends. But the file size of each image is too big to upload (suppose average image size is 5 mb). Uploading those images has two major disadvantages to you – 1. It costs you much for using higher amount of bandwidth 2. It takes more time to be uploaded.

If you are a photoshop user then you can easily reduce image size by saving each image file for web page and thyus can minimize and compress the size of every image. But the process is long time killing because you have to select each image manually and compress resize each one separately. To get rid of this MassImageCompressor is best for you for compressing file of multiple images at once.

Introducing MassImageCompressor – Compress Image File Size in a Bulk

MassImageCompressor is a Windows offline utility which provides you hassle free image compression. This is a mass image compression software that can scan and find every image file from a selected directory and compress them to make those images ready for Online upload and mobile devices.

This is an open source software and free to use. There is no need to select files individually for compressing image files with this software. It uses artificial intelligence to find and compress all the images from a selected directory.

With this software you can get a total control of the quality, compression ratio and dimension over all image files. Preview Image option let you test the compression parameter.

The software supports wide range of image formats e.g. jpeg, png, bmp, wmf, tiff etc. The compressed images output can be gettable with jpeg and png version. That’s the only limitation of this great Windows utility.

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