How to Watch Online Video in a Dedicated Window in Firefox

Firefox is bit slow compared with other web browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc. but it has so many useful add-ons which may power up your Firefox browsing experience. Just like Google Chrome, Firefox also has tons of options and other helpful features.

On the other end, if you want to watch something new, there is no alternative to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. where hundreds of people upload their own videos to make you more advance.

Watching a video from YouTube or DailyMotion is not an difficult task. Even a kindergarten student can  play video using iPad or Computer. But watching a video in a dedicated window is pretty cool comparing with normal view.

If you open a YouTube video, you can watch that in the same page where the video in located. Everyone wants to do something different. If you are one of them and want to do something new and watch that same video in a different window, you can simply opt in to PopVideo which is a Firefox add-on.

How to watch online video in a dedicated window?

PopVideo is a light-weight Firefox add-on and it comes with fewer options. Anyone can use it on his/her Firefox browser. Just add this add-on in your browser and open YouTube or any other online video sharing site. Just after starting a video, head on to the top right area. You can find a small button.

Just press it. The current video will be stopped and a window will pop up which plays that same video. You can have all the options like regular video.

Video: PopVideo add-on for Firefox:

Final Word:

If you want to get rid of the traditional way to watch online video, you can simply use PopVideo on Firefox. But if you want to learn something from YouTube or other online video streaming sites, I would not recommend you to sue this add-on since it is pretty much irritating.

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