How to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos in Facebook

Photo Tagging is a great feature in Facebook like social sharing websites. This feature is used for promotional purposes. For example your friend upload a photo to Facebook and he wants to show you that photo. Then photo tagging feature works perfect.

Sometimes it works like a charm but sometimes it is very tedious. Some spammers for promoting their photos tag photos to hundreds of people. Most of the occasion those photos are found to be irrelevant. When you are tagged in such irrelevant photos and getting notifications for those images you surely feel irritate.

Few days back, I got more than 30 photos tagged by my friends. That is what I was thinking but it was not so. When I checked them manually, I got shocked. There were only 3 photos tagged by my friends and rest are tagged by some group admins. That was really time-consuming task to be untagged each.

This is true that find and select those images and un-tag every image manually is an arduous job. So you have to know a way to un-tag multiple images at a same time. I am here to show the solution if you are facing the same problem on your Facebook account.

Un-Tag Multiple Images in Facebook

To untag multiple images at a same time just follow the following steps. Log in to Facebook and go to profile page or your timeline page.

In the cover page you can find Activity Log button (See the below image).

How to Remove Tags from Multiple Photos in Facebook

Select activity log and from the left sidebar select Photos >> Photos of You. In this field you will find the list of tagged photos.

un-tag multiple images facebook

Select Photos that you want to un-tag and select Report/Remove Tags option. A pop-up window will appear. Choose “I want the photos un-tagged” and you will be confirmed with a confirmation pop-up message.

Hope this tiny tutorial would help you a lot. If you have any kind of problems, feel free and do let us know.

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