2 easy ways to check whether a Blog is using WordPress or not

Here are two easy and most mild tips to come to know all about that. Generally, every blogger wish to use WordPress rather than Google Blogger. There are a few reasons behind this selection. Tons of beautiful and fast loading themes and admirable plugins have augmented the magnificence of WordPress directory. Though I am telling about WordPress.org, there is also an option to assessment this blogging software. You can take a trial by constructing a free wordpress.com blog i.e. “example.wordpress.com”.

Though there are so many responsive themes in WordPress theme directory, naturally most of professional bloggers use premium themes. As they buy it and their theme is created by various developers, they do change the theme name from theme editor so that no one can’t identify the original name of that particular theme. Sometime, this is going to bad when someone cannot understand whether that blog is created on WordPress or any other blogging platform.

But here is your solution. Today two different online tools are going to be discovered which both will help you to identify the blogging platform.

Is It WordPress

This is the name of the first online tool which will identify whether your selected site is formed on WordPress or not. What to do to check? You just have to go to there and enter the blog name. Place your mouse on Check To Find Out and do a click. It will show you the original result with 5 seconds.


What WordPress Theme Is That


It’s also not a question. It’s the second online tool for identifying the blog theme and some important plugins. What to do? You just have to go to there and enter your blog name. after that hit enter. You can find all information.



Though the second one is much better than the previous one, there is an error in the second online tool. It cannot detect that theme which is self-customized. You will be greeted with the following error message whenever you will enter a blog name that uses a self-customized WordPress theme.

Can not detect WordPress Theme on example.com

It is probably using a customized or proprietary theme.

I Think these two tools are looking very much helpful. Try it, it’s really fantastic.

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