MacBooster – System Optimization App for Mac OS X 10.6+

You know that Mac OS X is a great operating system and has more than million users from all over the planet. There are several gadgets which are running on OS X. If you have used Macbook Air or Pro, you may have fallen in problem due to low memory. Both of those gadgets have bit low hard disk compared with Windows PC.

To solve this problem, here is a simple application that will let you do various tasks like software uninstall, clean and boost and many more. This is also very easy to use and light weight (only 11mb).

If you are using different apps for uninstalling apps, finding large files, cleaning memory, just uninstall all of them after installing MacBooster. You can also use MacBooster for uninstalling useless apps. It also has other functions like RAM booster, overall performance booster, startup optimizer and many more.

How to use MacBooster like a pro?

There is nothing like “Pro”. It’s very easy to use and not yet so much time consuming if you know those simple computer terms.

So, download a free copy of MacBooster from the link given below and start using it. It requires 25mb on your hard drive to be installed. After opening this app, it will ask you to make a scan so that it could pick out the actual problems.

The scan time depends on how many files you have and how many apps you have installed.

After completing a scan, you will come across to a screen something like the following picture;


Just press the Fix button to solve all issues. You can also check or uncheck any issue manually if you have much knowledge about that specific thing.

The Performance Boost tab has some options to improve your RAM performance and pick out those apps that you have installed from outside of Apple App Store.

From TOOLBOX tab, you can also do several thing like find duplicate files or large files that is draining your memory, install any installed apps, and optimize system startup and so on.

That’s it! Hope this tool would help you a lot to optimize your OS X.

Download MacBooster: Free Version | Paid Version

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