How to Get Back Google Black Bar on Chrome [Quick Tips]

You are looking for a better browser than Google Chrome; I would tell you that you are wasting your time. There is no other substitute to that web browser, which is available for Windows, Mac, Android and other major platforms.

Few days back, Google has updated their new tab page and completely erased the Google Black Bar that was really helpful for everyone who want to use different Google products faster and in an easier way.

Even though Google has added a square like Chrome apps button on the homepage but that could not fulfil the demand of Google Black Bar.

What the Google Black Bar actually is?

If you are using internet for a long day and have used previous new tab page of, you might have noticed that there was a black bar at the top of your page where other Google products/services like Blogger, Image Search, Play etc. were stated. But now there is such black bar to access those same links faster.

If you really rely on this black bar, here is a simple extension that will will let you get that back. It has only few options and this is where this extension excels. I have not found any drawback of this extension until now. So, you can use this Chrome extension without having problem and slow browsing experience.

How to get back Google Black Bar on Chrome?

This is however very easy with the help of an extension which is known as Proper Menubar. Just add it in your browser.

Just On or Off it. It comes with few settings like you can include or exclude a particular link such like Gmail, Drive, YouTube etc. that you don’t need.

Get Back Google Black Bar

That’s it! Hope this Chrome extension would help you a lot.

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