Pixsta – Instagram Client for Windows – Comes with minimalism

Windows is the biggest operating system out there. Although Apple broadcasted Mac OS X Mavericks free, the desirability of Windows has not yet been concentrated between Windows lovers (including me). Thousands of software have been developed for this OS by so many developers. On the other end, Instagram is yet another major photo and video sharing platform, which has 150 million monthly users (As of the Instagram announcement in past month).

Earlier, we talked a lot about Instagram. We shared how you can upload any dimension image to Instagram, download Instagram video without any software and so on. You can open your Instagram account from almost every modern browser and OS like Mac, Windows etc. However, you can’t access your Instagram profile from Windows or Mac without having any Instagram client. That’s where Pixsta comes in.

Introducing Pixsta for Windows

This is a great Instagram client, which is being developed by Pokki. You can download this client free but it requires Pokki and Adobe Flash Player on your PC. The next big thing is it loads with responsiveness. Means, all pictures’ and videos’ dimension will be change according to resize. For instance, two photos will be appear when you resize the window to like around 440 pixel and three photos will be appear when you change the window size to 540 pixels and so on.

Where it excels?

There are several things, which are unavailable on other clients. The main part I like is simplicity. It has only few couple of options but each of them are much useful as a desktop client. It requires only sign in and authorization to run on your computer.


On the other end, you can download any image or video by making use of this app. You can also play videos inside Pixsta. The other great thing is it’s search option. You can separate the search either by username or by photo name.


This is true that nothing is perfect and Pixsta is not 100% perfect for Windows user. It might has so many drawbacks but I would tell you what I found during experiment. 1. You cannot upload your photos by making use of Pixsta. 2. Download process is bit slow even when you have a good data connection. 3. Interface is good but not attractive.


If you need an Instagram client on your Windows PC only for managing photos, Pixsta could fulfil your demand. If you need an app that will do whatever you want like official Instagram app for Android or iOS, I would not recommend you to use Pixsta.

Download: Pixsta

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