Why BlackBerry is lagging behind other Companies

You know that BlackBerry is one of the best mobile companies, which has their self-made parts of their tablet and mobile phones. Still they are not so much popular like Apple. Did you ever think about the problem? I have thought something, which may be a reason of this problem. It will be good to start this article by saying why do people dislike BlackBerry.

There are several reasons including service. For an example, you know that BBM has been launched finally for iOS and Android. Have you used it? If yes, then you are lucky since BB has stopped new registration just after 4/5 days of unveiling. By the way, I am one of the lucky people who got activated BBM ID. Don’t know the current status though.

In fact, the registration procedure was really ridiculous. I never seen such a registration method like BBM. If you have tried it, then I don’t have to say anything. However, if you didn’t try that, I would like to say everything.

Why BlackBerry is lagging behind other Companies

After installing BBM, you will have to enter your email ID that you would like to use ad BB ID. After entering email ID, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you to wait for some time when BlackBerry authority activates your account.

What is this? Is this a method of registering for a chatting account? No, never. Did you ever get such a message on GTalk or Hangouts or Facebook? Answer is known by everyone.

The second reason of their failure is Price. Their mobile phones cost a lot but those are worthless. They do not provide equivalent features in exchange of price.

On the other end, their internet package costs more than high. They do not use regular internet package in India (don’t have information about other countries). Instead of that, they use their own mobile data package which prices more.

I think these are the reasons for that BlackBerry is still farm away from other popular companies. They should improve their sales department as well software and apps availavility.

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