Android Tuner – An All-in-one System Tweak and Optimization App

You know that Android is one of the best mobile operating system which is powered by Google Inc. it’s optimization process is bit difficult even when you are using a premium application. However, today I am going to introduce such a great app, which could be used as device manager, file explorer, app manager, network manager, task manager, system control, system monitor and so on.

Introducing Android Tuner

Although its developers has unveiled a premium version of Android Tuner but the free version is also not bad. You can so many things like aforementioned.

At first, you will get several mode to use it in different situation but I would suggest you to use the Expert mode.

Device Manager

Device manager will show startup time, data receive and send statistics, CPU usage etc. On the other end, you can create custom profile as well. There is an option to make that profile run at predefined time.

Android Tuner

Task Manager

Task Manager will help you to optimize your phone by killing battery draining apps. You can also show or hide system apps or Kernel processes.

Application Manager

This section is much helpful to create backup or update your system. On the other hand, it also possible to manage your startup apps/events. You will get the app name and running time since charge or on battery etc.

Battery Statistics

Battery Statistics would provide all the things that you need to know. You will get details about awake time, screen on time and how long your battery will provide backup.

Quick optimization and Clean-up

You can update existing backup, backup all user apps, backup SMS/MMS and Call-logs, clean memory, clear SMS and many more from this part of Android Tuner.

All these above-mentioned things are the most significant parts of Android Tuner and the Expert Mode control all those things under one roof.

Android Tuner

This part has not any additional option; you can use all of them instead. It has CPU usage, Device Manager, App Manager, Startups, Analyzer, terminal and many more.

Download Android Tuner: Free Version(Google Play)

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