Atomic Alarm Clock – Brilliant Free Alarm Clock for Windows

You know that alarm clock is the one of few most collective features of mobile phones. Every kind of mobile has this option. I have been using this feature for a long time to do something at right time. Nevertheless, in computer, this is much difficult to do the same thing since Windows doesn’t offer anything such like an alarm clock.

Atomic Alarm Clock is such a intense alarm clock app for Windows, which could fulfill your demand. It is compatible with Windows XP, 7 and Windows 8. You can either download it’s free version or a premium version is also available that costs only $14.95.

This is however very easy to set up and use it. Suppose, you have put something in download and it will take more than 30 minutes to download. Meanwhile you want to take a break. But we sometime forget about our PC during break. That is where Atomic Alarm Clock comes in.

How to set up Atomic Alarm Clock?

This is however very easy and there is nothing difficult. After installing, a special and good-looking clock will be added in your system tray and will replace default clock.

Just click on it to get the main set up interface. Just go to All alarms and click the button that says New, which is situated in the bottom of that window. The following screen will come up.

Atomic Alarm Clock

Enter all the things like number of repeat, date, time, wake PC up from standby and Hibernate or not and many more. The Sound tab contains some audio clips. You can set any of them as alarm tome or you can also use your own music or song as alarm tone.

There is another tab, which is known as Actions. You can either shut down your PC or open any specific file or app at preset time.

It has only few options to customize the interface. There are many skins for system tray. You can get them in Skins tab.

Atomic Alarm Clock

That’s all! Hope this light weight app would help you a lot.

Video Tutorial

Download: Atomic Alarm Clock

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