How to Empty Spam Folder at Predefined Time on Yahoo Mail

No matter you are using Gmail or Yahoo Mail or Outlook or anything else, spammers are always with you. You can go anywhere, you won’t miss those spammers. I often become very happy after reading tons of spam but interesting lines. However, they are spammer. They could hurt your blog as well as any online account.

You should not stay with them since you might lose your account anytime. They can also injure your economic portion viciously. I always use filters at Gmail in order to hide unwanted mails and I am a hard-core fan of Google Mail. But few days back, I made a Yahoo Mail account. I did not use that for a long time. Nevertheless, after almost 2-2.5 months, I have started sing that again. The second impression of yahoo mail was pretty bad for me cine there are tons of email (don’t know how they came) in both Inbox and Spam folder.

I know how spam folder becomes fulfill by spammers but don’t know how inbox does the same. Most of the time I empty spam folder without checking any email subject because I know that they are spam.

If you are facing the same problem, here is a solution that will let you be free with spam folder even when you are getting hundreds of spam mails every day. Today I will show you such a trick, which will help you to empty spam folder of yahoo Mail account at predefined time. Although you cannot set custom time but still all default time will be helpful.

How to empty spam folder at predefined time?

This is however bit simple and not yet much time spending. Just sign in to your yahoo mail account. Then check how many spam mails you have got until date and what is the time/date of those mails. It will help you to select the right time at when Yahoo will remove your spam folder automatically. Then click the gear button and go to Settings.

Empty Spam Folder automatically

After that navigate through Security tab and you can get Empty Spam Folder. Select any time from the drop down menu and make sure your changes.

Empty Spam Folder automatically

That’s all! Now you don’t have to delete spam mails manually since Yahoo will do that on behalf of you.

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