Get Google Plus Profile Picture as Caller ID on Android Kitkat

Android Kitkat is the latest version of Android family, which was spotted by few months back. Google Android on Kitkat has added several new features and this is much faster than other OS like ICS, Gingerbread. The latest update of Kitkat is something different since you will get the Google Plus profile picture as the caller ID if the phone number is not saved in your contact book.

You know that Android has had this feature to show the contact picture on your screen while calling. That is really cool since you don’t need to remember the number of your friends. Only picture is enough to remember the caller. However, Android Kitkat also has this feature but that is much advanced than previous.

How does Google Plus use profile picture as caller ID?

This is however very simple to understand all the thing. You know that Google Plus/Google allows users to verify their mobile number to recover your account at some situations like hacking or to set up two-step verification. Whenever you will verify your mobile number, you will be ready to go with this new caller ID feature of Android Kitkat.

Now whenever you will call someone who is using Android Kitkat, he/she will get your picture if his/her data connection is on and vice versa. That is really new and very useful update by Android which has been published by Attila Bodies. Although this update will be available for Kitkat users by early of 2014, some people already got it since this is an automation process.

Some other new features of Android Kitkat:

Though it is covered by all new things but I would like to mention only useful features that you will get with Android Kitkat.

  • You know that voice command is the most popular and easiest way to get something done on Android. Now, you don’t have touch the screen to open this voice command UI since the word “Ok Google” is enough to open the voice command interface.
  • Hide everything while reading or watching movies by just swiping the edge. It will provide better experience and you won’t be diverted by any notification or option.
  • Kitkat has merged all messages including Hangouts chat and native SMS so that you can check them faster than previous. Now you can access them from one place.
  • Emoji is very useful thing to give some extra expression when you cannot say the thing to someone. Now you can sue emotions at everywhere. You will get them from Google keyboard.
  • Cloud Printing is now the inbuilt feature of Android Kitkat. You can easily set up printer and directly print anything from your mobile over internet.
  • Inbuilt Office app will surely kick out different third-party office apps those are available on Google Play Store.

That is it. The entire Android Kitkat and its beautiful updates are really helpful for users who want to do something new with their phone.

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