New Updates on Facebook and YouTube – Set Reminders for Favorite TV Show

New Facebook Like and Share Button

Facebook unveiled their like and share buttons back in 2010 in white and light blue. Now you will get a blue share and like button instead of that previous one. In addition, Facebook made it easy to embed share and like button in side by side.

Now only big companies have got this redesigned like and share button but you will get that automatically right from next week. You don’t have to re-embed the code regarding those like and share button, you will get them automatically as a part of updating.

However, Facebook is testing this kind of button from past few couple of days but on 6th Nov, they have announced that publically.  According to Facebook and some other big companies, like and share has been raised after getting this new like button. Obviously, this kind of changes affect social share. Your share will be increased or decreased after getting this type of redesign. Read More

YouTube got Google Plus Comment System

Even though YouTube is linked Google Plus but they had not a good comment system. Nevertheless, before yesterday, YouTube got Google Plus commenting system for single YouTube video. That means whenever you will go to comment on anyone’s video, you will need to sign in to your Google Plus account in order to complete your task.

New Facebook Like and Share Button

This is may be bit time-consuming but it is quite helpful for them who want to be socialized with their circle or community. You can choose community, circle, or people to whom you would like to visualize your comment. You can also mention someone in comment by writing his/her name. Read More

Get Reminder of TV shows from Facebook

Facebook now let you notify when your favorite TV will be up on TV. Yes, you are reading right. If you are an US (only) citizen and want to get reminders of your favorite TV show, let’s like the corresponding fan page and set reminders. That’s all to get notified by Facebook.

Facebook is creating a partnership with TV show owners and wants to be real-time. According to some people, it will help you to be more socialize with Facebook. Via: TechCrunch

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