Get Exact Installation Date of Windows 8.1 Operating System for Your Own PC

There are basically two types of Windows users. The first type of users do not know how to install a Windows Operating System to a computer’s hard drive and they have been using an old installation for years. The second category users always love to stick with new computer installation so that they can get a better user performance with their pc.

I am not going to create any debate in this issue. But I prefer both of the above methods according to user criteria. The first method never give you nice Windows performance as Windows are getting slower after several days of usage. Whenever if you are not worried about the hard-disk health of your PC then the best way is to go with new Windows installation to get best possible outcomes from your computer.

In my previous article I have already covered how to check hard-disk health status for your computer.

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Check Exact Date of Windows 8.1 OS Installation

To know the exact system installation date you can use Windows built-in command prompt feature. It not only shows you exact installation date of Windows operating system but also inform many important informations like Host and Operating system details along with version name and product id, complete BIOS and system informations with complete hardware configuration etc.

This process can also be applicable to Windows 8 and Windows 7 users. I don’t know whether this process will work with older versions of Windows like Windows XP or not.

Go to search option of Windows 8.1 and type cmd.exe there. After completion of full searches you will find cmd.exe application there in a list view.

Right click on cmd.exe and select Run as Administrator option.

cmd prompt run as admin

Altenatively just right click on Windows start button and select Command Prompt (Admin) option.

Now run the following command.




Thus you can easily get installation date of Windows 8.1 operating system from your Windows PC.

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