Top 10 Screen Capture Software for Windows

When you are a blogger under tech niche like us, you should always use a screen capture software so that you could provide better experience to your readers. If you have read out most of our how-to guides, you might have noticed that we always try to provide related image of a window by which you can understand the tutorial better.

Top 10 Screen Capture Software for Windows

Top 10 screen capture software for Windows:


Snagit is one of the best screen capture software for Windows and Mac. Generally, it costs $49.95 but you can use it’s trial version for almost 30 days before buying. In the trial version, you cannot install some features those are available on paid version only.

I have been using Snagit for long time on my Windows PC. Few months back, I was looking for a tool that could capture screenshot with the mouse pointer. After searching for a few while, I was introduced with Snagit.

It has so many feature what cannot be explained via words. You have to use it right away. Usually, it has two different interface. First one for capturing photo and video (Snagit). The next or last interface is for editing the captured photo (Snagit Editor).

Apart from opening it by double click; you can use it from system tray also. On the other end, it is also possible to capture after pre-defined time interval.


Skitch is another great screen capture software for Windows and is developed by Evernote team. Therefore, obviously, you can synchronize your Evernote account with Skitch. It comes with few hand features like arrow, box, blur, crop, highlight and so on. This is a lightweight tool, which is obtainable for Windows and Mac at free.


TechSmith also develops Jing and this is most light and easy to use screen capture software for Windows. It is smoothly running on Windows 7. I have confusion about it’s compatibility for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

It provides a button at the edge of your screen. Just press that and select the capture section to create an image with your screen.


ShareX is yet another screen capture software for Windows Operating System. This open source tool is available at free of cost. You can either capture fullscreen or Window or Monitor or even any shape i.e. Rectangle, Free hand, Polygon etc. The next big thing of ShareX is you can upload your captured image to various popular image-hosting site like Flickr, Imgur or even to your favorite cloud storage including Google Drive, Dropbox or any other.


oCam is mainly used screen recording but you can surely use it to capture image from your monitor. You can get all captured pictures in oCam folder that is located under Documents. By default, it provides few sizes i.e. 640×360, 1024×768 and more others to capture screen when you can select custom screen also.


GreenShot is good for them who want to capture images very fast. For instance, it can capture Internet Explorer right from your System Tray. On the other end, you can capture region or full screen or any opened window. This is also possible to upload your captured images to Imgur that is another great image-hosting service.

Bug Shooting

Bug Shooting is matched with Snagit. I don’t know which tool was released first but they both are quite same in terms of features. Mainly the Bug Shooting image editor has most of the features that Snagit editor has. However, you can use this Bug Shooting right from the system tray. On the other end, everyone can use this tool since it has less features but each of them is very helpful.


This is one of the best tool that I have ever seen. Every screen casting software only capture image but it could do more than that. If you have ever used the Paint of Windows PC, you will get back along with PicPick. Nevertheless, this Paint has more useful features than regular Paint.

It comes with a free hand drawing tool by which you can draw on your screen capture the entire drawing using this app. When it comes to screen capture, this is just brilliant. You can capture by full screen, scrolling window, freehand and so on.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is for them who want to get this task done with minimalist features. It has only few couple of features to do the entire thing. Either you can press your PrtScn button to capture full screen or you can use different options to capture image by window, rectangle, polygon or so on.

This is also possible to save or send your photo to various destination like Editor, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email or more others. It will do your manual job automatically.


DuckCapture is available at free of cost. You know that we have previously introduced this software for Mac but you can also use it on your Windows computer. It has few easy-to-use features. You can capture image by region, polygon, Window, or scrolling or by Fullscreen. You can get the captured image in .png or.jpeg or in Bitmap.

Final Word:

Although I have mentioned only 10 screen capture software for Windows, there are also so many tricks and software to do the same. However, all of these aforementioned apps are the best in terms of ease of access and price.

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