360 Mobile Security – A Free Antivirus for Android to Protect Your Mobile

Security is being concerned in each couple of days. Every day, tons of people are facing problems due to unusual programs like malware and spyware on their smart gadgets i.e. Android phone, iPad, iPhone etc. At this time, you must have to use a tool that will arrange for maximum fortification on your modern gadgets.

Therefore, if you are looking for a security app on your Android phone, you might use 360 Mobile Security. This is one of the best malware scanning and privacy protection app for Android.

Key features of 360 Mobile Security:

Although there are so many valuable features of 360 Mobile Security, but I would like to mention only few most advantageous features with that this Android antivirus comes in.

Malware Scanner:

Obviously, the first thing of an Antivirus is malware scanning. Nevertheless, 360 Mobile Security is pretty different from other Antivirus like Avast or Zonar or anything else. It has two types of scan i.e. Quick Scan (on memory scanning) and Full Scan (Memory and entire device’s privacy scanning).

360 Mobile Security

Get Some Free Memory:

Apart from malware scanning, 360 Mobile Security also could scan your Android device for any battery draining apps and services or processes. You can easily get some free memory by disabling useless running apps and turning off few security threats.

Privacy Advisor:

360 Mobile Security

This Privacy Advisor section is more than great. Generally, other privacy advisor like Advance Mobile Care scans for only untrusted apps but 360 Mobile Security scans for those apps or services which can make calls, send SMS, Access contacts, Access SMS, Track Location and more others.

Floating Button:

360 Mobile Security

If you have already installed 160 Mobile Security on your mobile, I would like to introduce another feature of this Android antivirus. You can use this app from your home screen or anywhere else inside your phone using a floating button.

Cons of 360 Mobile Security:

In the point of malware scanning and all other aforementioned features, there is alternative to this app but you know that nothing is perfect. The bad side of this tool is it cannot scan your phone without having a data connection. Therefore, if you have a data failure, you can’t use it anymore.

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