Convert Any Audio or Video on Android using Format Factory

Android is one of the best operating system, which is developed by Google. There are billions of activated Android mobile on this planet. On the other end, Google Play is supporting this operating system and that’s why this is the best mobile OS out there.

Nevertheless, when it comes to convert audio or video files, then you should be aware of fake converters since I have seen that there are some file converter, which could drain your battery instead of doing your task.

At this point of view, Format Factory is one of the best audio and video converter that I have seen. This freemium application can convert your audio file from one format to other supported formats and one video format to other supported video formats.

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File supported by Format Factory:

Actually, Format Factory is pretty different from other converters. It can convert an audio file to another format from current format. On the other end, the same thing is available for videos. It cannot convert a video to an audio. Or I would say that you cannot extract the audio from a video.

It supports WMA, Mp3, AAC, Flac and Mp2. You can convert any WMA file to Mp3 or any other formats, which are supported by Format Factory. If you are talking about video formats, then you can convert Flv, mp4, Avi etc.

How to convert audio using Format Factory?

Actually, this is very easy and not yet much time spending. Just open this app on your mobile and press the plus (+) button which is located at top right. Then choose what you want to convert. Means, either audio or video.

After choosing your audio, you will come across to the following image where you have to select the entire thing.

Format Factory android converter

Now you have to choose the Codec, Frequency, Channel, Bitrate (I would suggest 128) and few other things. There is another great thing that will let you convert specific part of your audio file instead of entire audio. To set that up, just navigate to Detail Duration and set the time.

At last press the white button that is located in the bottom of your screen.

How to convert video using Format Factory?

This is second easy task. Alike aforementioned guide, open Format Factory and press the plus (+) button to choose Video. After that, select the video file that you would like to convert in other format.

Now you will get few more options than audio. Here, you have to choose the video quality i.e. Low, High or Medium; resolution, aspect, Fps, kbps, audio frequency, bitrate and many more.

Format Factory android converter

At last press the white button as usual to convert your file.

Final Word:

If you are looking for a simple and free audio/video converter for your Android device, you must try Format Factory, which has no such substitute. However, if you are looking for an app that could convert extract audio from video or such a converter, then Format Factory is not for you.

Get it on Google Play

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