How to Boot Android Phone or Tablet into Safe Troubleshooting Mode

Android operating system is relatively newer operating system which is very advance, reliable and stable operating system. It performs well and it supports various third party applications to enhance the utility of a Android device. But problems may arise when you install third-party app on your android device and it starts malfunctioning. Run the phone in safe mode from boot option is only the solution to troubleshooting your android device.

First of all let me introduce you with Safe Mode. Safe Mode of an android device is the diagnoistic mode that boots your phone only with the in-build system applications. No third party application is allowed to run with safe mode. You can detect the problem while you run the phone in safe mode. If your phone performs well with safe mode then it is clear that the problem arises due to installed third party apps. Instead if you still get same problem in safe mode then it might be a system problem.

From the very early days Windows users only have the option to run Windows in safe mode. Now it is the time for android. Let check whether the problem is a system issue or harmful software installation issue.

Unfortunately all android phones and tablets do not provide same technique to start a device in safe mode. However as this time Android Jelly Bean is the most used android version, so I am discussing how to boot Jelly Bean android operating system in safe mode.

Step By Step Method to Boot Android Jelly Bean into Safe Mode

Hold the physical power key and then long press Power Off button.

android power off

It will open up a dialogue box which will ask permission if you want to boot android in safe mode or not.

safe boot option for android

Choose OK. Then your android device boots automatically and now it is ready to run in safe mode. You will find SAFE MODE watermark at the left bottom corner of screen.

Just reboot android device to run the phone again in normal mode.

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