How to Change Default Android Lock Screen using Go Locker

You know that Go Launcher is a popular launcher for Android. That works on most of the Android versions including Gingerbread. Today I am going to introduce such a great Android app that works better with Go Launcher when you can run it without having Go Launcher as well.

Android offers few types of security i.e. Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Slide etc. on lock screen to protect unwanted people from accessing your phone. But sometime we feel the lack of awesomeness on Android’s lock screen.

I have been using Android past few years and the Pin lock from the first day. I have seen that the Pin lock is pretty difficult to crack. Anyway, apart from the Pin lock, I don’t like anything of Android lock screen. There is nothing.

That is where Go Locker comes in

Today I am going to help you if you are facing the same issue like me. Go Locker is one of few freemium Android applications that is available on Google Play Store. It can change default Android lock screen with some beautiful wallpaper and useful settings.

Go Locker Theme:

By default, Go Locker offers only two downloaded themes or skins when you can increase the number of theme by downloading your favorite one. To download any theme, just open Go Locker and navigate to Featured. Then click the Get button to download inside this app.

Note: I have downloaded here skins and each one was free. But I don’t know whether all available themes are free or not.

Go Locker

Apart from applying theme, there is nothing in Theme section of Go Locker. To set a theme, go to Featured tab and click the Apply button.

By clicking on the theme, you will get few couple of options by which you can set up the jumping points, dialer slider and so on.

Go Locker Settings:

After Theme, Go Locker only has some useful settings by which you can control this tool according to your requirements.

Change Default Android Lock Screen using Go Locker

Notification Settings:

You can show or hide the notification from different apps on your lock screen. For setting that up, go to Notification section and turn that on. There is another thing that requires set up is Type of Notification. Means, you can include or exclude any app’s notification from being appeared on lock screen.

Although you will get your City name and temperature unit on your lock screen by default.

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Plugin Manage:

Go Locker provides only three plugins i.e. Swipe panel, Lock Screen and Kill Tasks. Swipe Panel is such a plugin that will add sidebar in the right side of your screen from where you can manage your favorite apps. The Lock Screen would provide different kind of screen and you can manage your lock screen in a better way. On the other end, the Kill Tasks option will help you to speed up your phone user experience by killing useless apps and services.

Visual Settings:

Visual Settings is for operating customizing lock screen. From here, you can change the lock screen background, unlock effect, date and time, unlock sound, show or hide the status bar. If you have chosen show status bar, you can either lock or unlock it to prevent others from checking your status bar notifications.

Advanced Settings:

Change Default Android Lock Screen using Go Locker

Even though it’s called Advanced settings but there is no such advanced. It contains couple of options to set up a different unlocking system, which is known as Unlock by shaking. Although it sound crazy but I would not recommend you to enable this feature since you will have to face different problems.


Change Default Android Lock Screen using Go Locker

Generally, Android offers four kinds of locking system i.e. Pattern Lock, Pin Lock, Password and Slide (It is not a security though.). But if you use Go Locker to change default Android lock screen, you can get one more new locking system, Gesture Lock. At first impression, I love with this. It is good enough but comes with security hole.

Suppose, you have added a word, T, as password*. So, you don’t have to write exact T to unlock your phone. You just have to draw a vertical and a horizontal line at anywhere on your screen to unlock your phone.

*T is just an example what I have used from my end.

The Security section has few more settings to on or off Powerful mode, visible pattern, vibration, password unlock and emergency unlock.

That’s all! So, this is Go Locker that can change default Android lock screen within moments.

Get it on Google Play

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