Smart Defrag 2 – Best Free Defragmenter for Windows 7

Windows is such an operating system that could run super in initial days and it will become pretty slower day by day. You have to several things in order to get the actual speed even after one after of using the same operating system.

Disk defragmentation is one of most essential things that you should do in order to make some free space as well as it helps you to get better experience with an old PC. Windows offers free Disk Defragmenter in order to cover such drained space of hard drive.

What is disk defragmentation?

Whenever you load, change or delete a file from you PC the file creates a stamp on your hard drive which doesn’t erase itself. Disk Defragmenter is such a great feature of Windows OS that will let you reorganize your hard drive data and could help you to get rid of unused space of your computer. It will help you to reunit scrappy files of your hard drive. Source: Microsoft

You can use the inbuilt Disk Defragmenter to do the same what Smart Defrag does. This is one of the best default Disk Defragmenter alternative for your Windows computer. This tool is supported by Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8. O have installed it on Windows 7 and I have bit confusion if it will run on Windows 8.1 or not.

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How to defrag file using Smart Defrag?

This is however very easy. It is one of the best and very easy-to use tool. It has only few couple of options to help you. After installing this software, you will come across to the following screen;

Smart Defrag 2 – Best Free Defragmenter for Windows 7

Just select a disk or multiple disks and click the Analyze button.

Smart Defrag 2 – Best Free Defragmenter for Windows 7

After analyzing, it’s time to Defrag your disk. You have three options i.e. Defrag Only, Defrag and Fast optimize and Defrag and Fully Optimize. I would suggest you to choose the second option, Defrag and Fast Optimize.

There is another big thing of this software which is called Boot Time Defrag which is not recommended by me because it can make your booting pretty slow.

Download: Smart Defrag 2

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