ResophNotes is The Best Free Note Taking App for Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the most used operating system out there. There are several feature which are unavailable on other operating systems. But sometime you might feel the lack of a note taking software or option on Windows. Although Microsoft has offers a feature, called Sticky Note but that is not much helpful for most of the people to organize their important notes. That is where ResophNotes comes in.

ResophNotes is a freemium Windows software which works great as a note taking application. Previously, I have used Evernote, Wunderlist etc. on my Windows 7 PC. Those are good enough and best in their own way and workflow. There are lots of useful options in both of them. But what if someone doesn’t like to use those tons of options? Rather if someone would like to use such a note taking app like Google Keep which has fewer options but each of them is much helpful, he/she can use ResophNotes without taking look at any other software.

Introducing ResophNotes:

The first thing is it is free and compatible with Windows 7. It is not recommended to use it on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and I also have not tried it personally. After installing ResophNotes on your computer, the following screen will be come out;


Note: Actually, you will get black window but it contains some notes of mine.

To create a note using ResophNotes, just press the plus button or start typing on your right hand side. The second method works only for one – at the first time. After that, you have to press the plus button to add more notes.


Creating notes is as simple as said. To organize your notes inside ResophNotes, you can create and add tags to your notes while making that. In future, you can get particular note by selecting the tag.


The next big thing of ResophNotes is it’s hot keys. You can control this app with several selected hot keys.

  • Ctrl + N = New note
  • Ctrl + D = Delete note
  • Ctrl + O = Options
  • Ctrl + F = Search
  • Ctrl + Up = Previous note
  • Ctrl + Down = Next note
  • Ctrl + Q = Exit ResophNotes

That’s all! Hope this simple application can help you a lot.

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