Create 3 Minute Video on Mac using QuickCast [The Simplest Recorder]

On Mac, this is pretty tough to pick out a simple screen-casting software even when there are lot of tools to fit with Mac OS X. Most of the are paid (as usual) and rest are free of cost. Few days back, we have familiarized top screen capture software for Windows when few of them also work on Mac.

You can buy Adobe After Effects for your Mac which is very difficult to understand. On the other end, Final Cut pro is yet another great professional video editor and make for Mac OS X. But they have more than enough features to make out. In fact, they are video editor and there are also some other tools to record your screen.

But what if someone don’t like to use any additional feature deprived of just recording. May be someone is looking for an app that would quickly record your screen and send that to any friend or office stuff or anyone else. For them, QuickCast is just great.

Meet QuickCast to record screen

QuickCast is a light-weight Mac application which requires OS X 10.7+. Currently the Windows version is unavailable but you will get that soon  on your Windows 7+ PC. Also QuickCast is an open source Mac app and you can grab the source code from GitHub.

You don’t have to face any problem on your Mac during installation if you have enabled third party software installation previously. After installing QuickCast, you will an additional button in your menu bar of Mac. Just press that and select Record.

Create 3 Minute Video on Mac using QuickCast

After that you have to choose the Display, Sound, Front Facing camera and save destination.

Create 3 Minute Video on Mac using QuickCast

Recording will be started after selecting the screen which will appear after pressing the Record QuickCast button. This is as simple as said.


If you are looking for such a software that can only record your screen and nothing else, QuickCast is the best option for you. Just try it right away and get the result. On the other end, you can also upload your recorded video to QuickCast server and share that through an unique URL.

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