How to Get Battery Percentage on Android KitKat

You know that Google has unveiled Nexus 5 few days back with Android KitKat. Although there are several new features but the main attraction is Android KitKat. The Jelly Bean and ICS are much upgraded than previous Android versions where you can get the battery percentage to be shown or hidden.

That is however very easy to show or hide the battery percentage on Jelly Bean and ICS in the status bar of your Android. If you have bought Nexus 5 just now, you might are missing the percentage option on your phone. You don’t have to find it anymore since I would like to say that Android KitKat has no such option.

Sometime it is ok. We don’t check battery statistic since we know that Nexus has a better battery life that any other phones. But we often try to check the battery charge level so that it won’t too late to put our phone on charging. At this moment, you have to determine yourself that how much battery level is remaining. So, obviously, this is much difficult you have not much idea. On the other end, you cannot decide when to put your phone on charging after seeing only battery level.

Get Battery Percentage on Android KitKat

So, here is the solution for you and your Nexus 5 which is running on Android KitKat. Today, I am going to introduce such an Android application that would add an additional battery percentage over your existing battery level.

How to get battery percentage on Android Kitkat?

This is actually, pretty easy and not yet much time-consuming. Just download free copy of Battery Percent for KitKat from Google Play store and install it on your phone. [Download link given below]

After opening this app, you will get an option like the following one;

Get Battery Percentage on Android KitKat

Just check the option which says Enable Battery Percent and leave the app. Now you have done! Now you will get the battery percentage over the existing battery level.

If you don’t like this app or the style of battery percentage and want to exclude the percent, just uncheck the aforementioned option and uninstall this app. Don’t just uninstall it without unchecking the option.

Get it on Google Play

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