How to Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC

Android requires no introduction since it is one of the best OS for mobile phones and tablets since past few couple of years. We have told a lot about Android from the initial days. Google Play Store is the largest app store out there and all apps and games are for only one OS, Android. So, obviously, it should be the best OS ever. Thousands of developers are developing apps, games etc. to help Android users at every moment.

However, today’s trick is pretty different from regular how-to guides. You know that laptop comes with an inbuilt digital webcam by which you can easily do video chat on Skype, Google Hangouts and so on. But desktop computer doesn’t have any inbuilt webcam like laptop. You would have to buy an additional webcam in order to do video chatting.

But if you have not much time on your hand to go to a retailer shop and buy a webcam or to order one webcam from different online shopping sites i.e. Amazon, FlipKart etc., you can simply use your Android mobile as webcam for PC. Yes! you are reading the correct line. This is however very easy to set up your android camera as webcam for your computer with the help of a third party application that is available at Google Play Store at free of cost.

How to use Android mobile as webcam for PC?

As mentioned before, this is actually pretty simple and not yet much time-consuming. The name of this application is IP Webcam. [Download link given below] Just download a copy of IP Webcam on your Android mobile and run in right away. You will get a screen something like the following image;

Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC

As you can see, there is few settings. Just select the right screen resolution, photo resolution, quality, focus mode and more others. After all, press the last option that says Start Over.

Therefore, you will get an unique IP address. Just type that IP address on your browser and hit enter. You will get few settings on your screen. Press the link that says Use browser built-in viewer (not supported by some browsers).

Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC

Now you are almost ready. You can now use Android mobile as webcam for PC.

Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC

You will get only 2-3 options for using this app according to your requirements. You can toggle LED flash, enable or disable auto-focus etc.

Use Android Mobile as Webcam for PC

That’s all! Hope this app would help you a lot.

Get it on Google Play

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