myMail for Android – Another Multi-Account Supported Email App

You know that Android is one of the best mobile operating system and it is being installed by tons millions of mobiles in a single day. The latest version of Android has arrived with several new features including the new Google Plus Caller ID, new voice command and so on.

Although there are other OS like Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone but people often choose Android since over them because Android comes with thousands of free applications, games and so on.

If you are using Android, you might have used the inbuilt email client for Gmail. But if you add multiple accounts, you might fall in trouble while synchronizing or updating mails. That is where a third party email app comes in. we have already introduced several email app like MailDroid, SolMail and more others. Today, I am going to familiarize yet another brilliant email app which is known as myMail.

Introducing myMail:

myMail is a freemium application available on Google Play. It has a good-looking user interface as well as you can add Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and other email services.

Push Notification:

If your Android mobile supports push notification, you will also get notified for your new mail by this myMail. It will help you to check your emails faster than updating and checking them manually.


myMail for Android

The inbox that is belong to myMail is also great in terms of interface and ease of access. You can identify any specific email by checking the user photo that will appear in the left side.

Compose Email:

myMail for Android

The compose email interface is also looking great. You can add attachments, multiple recipients and so on.

Manually Update:

myMail for Android

Even though myMail updates itself for mails but if you are not getting any email for a long time, you can open this app and pull down to update your inbox or any other folder. If you want to open the menu of myMail, just slide from left to right.

myMail Menu:

myMail for Android

Even though there is nothing new since this menu contains only your folder i.e. Junk Email, Sent Messages etc. But still it is looking pretty new on myMail. In this screen snap, you will get two different view. The first one is containing only one account and the second image is showing two added accounts.

That’s all! Although there are more other features of myMail but you should use them to know more about them. Hope this email client would help you to use your multiple accounts without having any issue.

Get it on Google Play

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