Taptu for Android to Read Current Updates or Access Facebook & Twitter Timeline

Android doesn’t need any introduction since this is the best and common and yet most advanced ecosystem. Only Android users know how brilliant it is and how useful it is in order to solve any kind of problem. And if you have bought an Android Kitkat mobile (till now, it is Nexus 5), you don’t have to depend any other thing to do your task even more faster.

There are numerous new features in this newest Android version which may help you in your each step. You can search on Google faster, use Google+ profile picture as your called ID and so on.

Taptu for Android to Read Current Updates or Access Facebook & Twitter Timeline

Now a days, people start their day with their news reader applications like Flipboard, Pulse, Feedly etc. instead of reading traditional newspaper. There are different reasons behind this replacement and most of them are really worth to consider.

In physical newspaper, you would have to wait for tomorrow’s morning to get today’s news. But if you are using any feed reader or news application, you can get all of them just after happening. There are tons of websites are there to let you be known to every kind of news including Politics, Sports, technology, Worldwide and so on.

Previously, we have so many applications for Android for reading morning news and today I am going to add one more app to that old list. This app is known as Taptu that is available for Android 2.1 and later versions.

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Introducing Taptu – DJ Your News:

Taptu is an easy to handle Android application and this is absolutely free and it doesn’t have any inner advertisement. That is why Taptu could enhance your news reading experience. Generally, people try to use such an app that could separate different kind of news like politics, gadgets etc. and Taptu has this feature to help you.

Taptu for Android

The above screen will be appeared just after running it on your phone.  Just select few categories that you want to read and get started. You can edit this categories at any time.

User Interface:

Taptu for Android

The user interface is good enough and it has almost every kind of features to attract anyone. Taptu has separated different types of news into different sections, as you can see in the above image. On the other end, the right side photo is for the single article. It is really brilliant and the next big thing is you can edit the font as well as font family (Serif or Sans-Serif) to adjust the article and screen according to your wish.

Single Article Settings:

Taptu for Android

If you want to change the font size and font family, just navigate to the settings and click the Article font button. Therefore, you will get the options to enhance your experience. If you are reading any article but don’t have much time to complete that, the bookmark option is available in Taptu as well.

Taptu options:

Taptu for Android

Taptu has more than enough options and this is the only drawback of it for a newbie. But don’t worry, most of them are useless an you don’t have to edit anything. However, if you want to change the arrangement of streams (categories),, go to settings and navigate to the DJ and Arrange Streams.

On the other hand, you can change the theme according to the daylight and it has few more options to handle.

Read Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn timeline:

Apart from providing current news, you can also set up Facebook, twitter and Linked In account inside Taptu so that you won’t miss any even what your friends are doing.

That’s all! I think this little information would help you to get more about Taptu. Please install this news application to know more about this.

Get it on Google Play

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