Access Essential Windows Tools from One Place using WinTk

Windows is the best operating system which comes with tons of free and paid software. Millions of developers are always developing their software in order to help Windows users. Previously, we have introduced tons of software and how-to guide on Windows OS and today I am going to familiarize such a brilliant Windows app that would help you check your product ID as well as you can edit the OEM information of your computer.

WinTK is a portable Windows app which will do whatever I just mentioned above. This is a portable software and that’s why obviously you don’t have to install it on your computer. It makes this tool easy to use for everyone.

Features of WinTK:

WinTK is a multi-tool which can

  • View installed software’s product key
  • Edit and backup OEM information
  • Entire details of installed Operating system
  • Check resource usage
  • Erase in use files
  • Open essential Windows features inside WinTK

View software’s product key:

View software’s product key

This is however very easy. You just have to detect the exact registry key of that software. For instance, if you want to check the product key of your installed Windows OS, just navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Or you can paste the same line in this software and click the Decrypt button to get the product key and product ID.

Edit and Backup OEM editor:

Access Essential Windows Tools from One Place using WinTk

OEM is standing for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Though obviously, it is Microsoft, you can also check that again though WinTK.

Open Essential Windows features:

Access Essential Windows Tools from One Place using WinTk

This tab of WinTK contains link to open Registry Editor, Resource Monitor, Services, Group Policy Editor, Computer Management and more others. This is under the sub-tab, called Administrator. Tools tab contains few links to open Delete icon cache, backup system registry, create a restore point and more few more.

That’s all! Hope this portable software would help you a lot. Thanks TWC.

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