How to Lock Down Particular Android App using Perfect App Protector

Security always matters. No matter you are using mobile or tablet or PC or Macbook, you should always be assured if your gadget is totally safe or not. We have introduced so many security tutorials to protect your privacy from being disclosed at public place.

Android is a smart ecosystem and there is no such competitor of Android. Google Play always supports this Android to be more advanced in each day. You might have used different types of apps, games etc. from Google Play and you should always be aware of fake applications and games.

Today, I am going to mention such a great Android app that would lock down any particular app or game so that any other person can’t access them even after cracking the phone password. Perfect App Protector is really perfect to prevent anyone from uninstalling any third app as well. It is really brilliant because of it’s features, security workflows and so on.

How to lock down particular Android app using Perfect App Protector?

This is pretty easy with this free mini-parental control app. As a mini-parental control app, it can only blocks everyone from engaging with your installed games and apps. It can’t do anything else.

To lock down any app or game, just download a free copy of Perfect App Protector and run it on your phone.

There are five different security features and the funny thing is only one option can protect your apps and that is password lock.

Finger-print lock: Almost useless but enough for confusing anyone while unlocking.

Force Close: It is quite helpful because it closes selected apps before opening by showing an error message.

Orientation lock: If you don’t want anyone to rotate and use any app, just select this option.

Hide Perfect App Protector icon:

This is most important and useful security feature of this tool. After installing this app, you can find an additional app button in your status bar which indicates that your app is running. If you want to hide this icon just navigate to Settings >> Advanced options >> Stealth Mode (Hide Icon).

Perfect App Protector

If you want to open this app afterwards, just open your dial pad and dial the following number;

#7777 (#password)

Here 7777 is the default password. You have to enter your password after #. While opening, you might get the following screen;

Perfect App Protector

Just press the Ok button.

Perfect App Protector Settings:

Perfect App Protector

It comes with few complicated settings including Call blocker, customize the lock screen, lock or unlock home screen, enable or disable delay lock, enable or disable app install and uninstall, USB connection blocking, password lock or pattern lock and more others.

Get it on Google Play

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