TrustGo Security – Yet Another Free Android Antivirus

Security always matters. No matter whether you are using mobile phone or laptop or any other smart gadget but security should be good that can protect your gadget from unwanted lose.

Previously I have told you so many things about some popular Android antivirus like Avast, Zoner, LockOut etc. to make you safe at any time. All of them are very good in their own way. TrustGo is yet another mobile security software that can do things beyond your imagination. You can search your SD card, pre-installed software, services and do many more.

Use TrustGo Security like a pro:

TrustGo security is separated in four different parts e.g. Security Scanner, System Manager, Privacy Guard and Data Backup.

Security Scanner:

TrustGo Security

This is the main part of any security software or antivirus. Obviously, it scans for malware. You will get a scanned result after few seconds because it scan your entire mobile including pre-installed tools, web browsers, hird aprty software and the entire thing.

System Manager:

TrustGo Security

In this tab, you can set your mobile data limit if you are using a limited data package, active applications which are draining your memory, data usage information etc. on the other end, you can also check your battery statistics and free up some RAM as well.

Privacy Guard:

TrustGo Security

This is one of the most important sections of TrustGo security. You will get all the app details which track location, access contacts, access SMS/MMS, access identity, access browser history, access calendar and access audio/video. Hence, you can do something manually so that any app won’t disclose your privacy.

Data Backup:

TrustGo Security

If you have signed in to TrustGo website when starting this app on your phone, you can access this feature easily to create a backup file and restore all essential files after data lose or system crash.

There are also two more options to make your web browsing secure and protect your device.

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