MacVim – Best Free Text Editor for Mac for Developers

You know that Mac OS X is one of the best operating system but this is bit costly than Windows computer. But if you want to be a programmer or go to web design, you should opt-in to either Mac or Linux. To get started, you need a powerful text editor to write down what you are thinking. Previously, we have covered an article on top text editors but today I am going to introduce such a software that might provide maximum facilities at any situation.

On the other end, most of the Mac applications are paid when you can download this brilliant text editor without spending a cent. This text editor is known as MacVim and this is an open source Mac software which is available on either Google Site or Github.

Use MacVim like a pro:

Really, you need to be a pro to use this advanced text-editor at your end. Anyway, you don’t have to install this tool because this is a portable software. So, start using it right now. At first, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

MacVim - Best Free Text Editor for Mac for Developers

Here I have written a single script when you can also do something more. The most important thing is there is no limitation to save a script. You can enter your own extensions i.e. .php, .js, .html, .css etc. You know that if a text editor has line number, it will be great. By default MacVim doesn’t show any line number when you can enable this feature by navigating to Edit >> File Settings >> Toggle Line Numbering. If you want to use any special character, you can go to Edit >> Special Characters.

MacVim - Best Free Text Editor for Mac

If you want to highlight any syntax for better understanding, navigate to Syntax >> Automatic.

It has only few couple of settings to run it in background or enable /disable automatic update etc. This is why MacVim is pretty easy to use as well.

MacVim - Best Free Text Editor for Mac for Developers

Final Word:

As a freemium text editor, there is no such alternative to MacVim. But if you would like to use a premium text editor, you can buy Sublime Text without thinking twice.

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