How to Add More Options in Context Menu in Windows 7

You know that Windows is the most customizable operating system and Windows 7 is the mostly used and easy to customize operating system which is being used by millions of computers and laptops. Previously, I have published an article on ultimate guide to customize Windows 7.

Today I am going to introduce such a great freemium windows tool that will let you edit your existing content menu without even having any expert knowledge. You don’t have to edit any registry file or don’t have to make any change in Group Policy Editor.

BlueLife ContextMenu is one of the best and free Windows software that can add different essential features like Command Prompt, Show/Hidden file option, Control Panel etc. in your content menu.

On the other end, you can also disable User Account Control using this software. But that is recommended since you should have enough knowledge about what you are going to do.

Anyone can use this portable software because it comes with very less features. It can only add couple of features like aforementioned and nothing else.

How to add more options in context menu in Windows 7?

Just download a free copy of BlueLife ContextMenu in your Windows 7 PC and open it. You will get a screen something like the following picture;

Add More Options in Context Menu in Windows 7

Note: I have edited few things by checking.

To add anything, just make sure you have checked the corresponding option and save your changes. After adding few things, your context menu will be looking something like the following screen snap;

Add More Options in Content Menu in Windows 7

You can also remove the Shortcut icon on your desktop or any other location. The option is also there in this app under Other Settings.

Add More Options in Content Menu in Windows 7

This software is available in various languages including English, German, Korean and so on.

I think this tutorial will be helpful for you to use this software like a pro. If you have any other question, feel free and ask your question.

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