How to Edit Multiple Images in Bulk using ImBatch

If you are a logo designer or graphics designer, I am sure that you use PhotoShop, Illustrator and other like-minded software. But if you just edit your images for adding some attractive effect or crop or resize, you should use a regular software like Paint.

Paint is great for regular usage but you can’t do anything professional using this. On the other end, if you would like to resize your images in bulk, you can’t do so with this. You have to open each image and do the similar work again and again.

Generally, I don’t use Paint. Instead of that, I would like to use PhotoShop and Snagit which always fulfill my demand. But they also can’t edit multiple images in bulk. You have to open them after one by one. So, the problem is pretty similar.

If you are facing the same problem, you can simply switch to ImBatch that will let you edit multiple images in bulk without having any kind of issue. You can’t give any professional touch but all it’s effects and other features are quite helpful to compete other software.

How to edit multiple images in bulk using ImBatch?

This is however pretty easy and not yet much time-spender. I have installed and used it on Windows 7 and I don’t know whether it will be working on other versions of Windows or not.

This is absolutely free bulk image editor but if you want to register you name, you have to buy the license. Anyway, just download a copy of ImBatch and install it on your PC.

After that, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Edit Multiple Images in Bulk using ImBatch

Use drag and drop technique to select multiple images. So, add images on which you want to add same effect. Therefore, you have to add a task from your right pane.

Edit Multiple Images in Bulk using ImBatch

(Everything you can do is mentioned below)

You can also add multiple effects or color or anything else. After adding everything, just press the top left button that says Run batch image processing or press Ctrl + B.

Edit Multiple Images in Bulk using ImBatch

That’s all!

Features of ImBatch:

You can do the following things with your images;

  • 3D Image
  • Auto Crop
  • Auto Enhance
  • Reduce or Increase Brightness/Contrast
  • Color Adjustment
  • Color Balance
  • Color Converter
  • Convert to Gray
  • Resize Canvas
  • Flip
  • Frame
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Inner Shadow
  • Motion Blur
  • Remove EXIF/IPTC Tags
  • Rename
  • Reset to Original
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Round Corners
  • Save as (different format)
  • Save to PDF
  • Sepia
  • Set EXIF/IPTC Tag
  • Soft Shadow
  • Sharpen
  • Shift Time
  • Watermark
  • Watermark Text
  • White Balance

It seems the list is pretty huge. Isn’t it?

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