QuickPic – Best Photo Management App for Android

You know that Android is one of the best mobile OS which is being developed by Google Inc. from past couple of years. Now a days, almost all Android mobile has more memory than previous.

That is why people often try to install tons of apps, games, load more files including images, songs etc. in their mobile. Sometime it is ok when sometime you might face battery issue for some battery draining applications and games.

Here is an app called QuickPic that will let you manage your huge photo gallery in a different manner. You can also get better experience over your video gallery as well.

Features of QuickPic:

Even though it has more features than your expectations but I would like to mention only important features of QuickPic at here.

  • It can show 10000+ pictures in less than 2 seconds. (although it depends on the image quality too)
  • Include or exclude any specific folder for better scanning
  • Password protect any file
  • Check images automatically through slideshow
  • Play GIF and other regular videos inside QuickPic
  • Basic edit options including Rotate, Shrink, Crop etc.
  • Move or copy any file from current location to any other location

How to use QuickPic to manage media files?

This is pretty easy and it should not take much time to make all options out for a regular person. Any here is a small guide for you;

You can sort files as per name, date or path. This facility is available for both i.e. folder and files. Suppose, you have 572 images in your phone and you have seen only 200 pictures. Whenever you will close this app and do something else, it will revert back to the first image in next session. So, here is a tweak. You can simply make a link of your current position on your home screen. For doing so, just click the options menu and select Link to Desktop.

If you would like to exclude any file or folder, the option is in Menu section. The Menu also contains some other options like list/grid view, Rename file, Fix Date and so on.

Video player & Image Viewer interface:


The image viewer and video player are both look pretty awesome and come with minimalist features. Image viewer has only Zoom in and Zoom Out options when the video player has Orientation option, play/pause button and forward button.

QuickPic Settings:

The next big thing of QuickPic is it’s settings to run it according to your wish. The settings section is divided by different parts e.g. General, Browse, View, Slideshow and Cache.

QuickPic Settings

General: From here, you can show or hide video in image gallery, change theme, split or join action bar.

Browse: This section will help you to include particular folder to scan. Otherwise, QuickPic will scan your entire phone for media files. The Exclude option will do the opposite things of Include.

You can also show/hide top status bar, horizontal scroll thumbnails, crop thumbnails into square, numerical sorting names, open last folder and protect hidden folders.

View: You can change screen orientation, set maximum brightness, show or hide zoom buttons, enable or disable single tap to zoom, force true color decoding, enable or disable grid pattern background.

Slideshow: From this part of QuickPic, you can set transition animation, slideshow interval and shuffle showing.

Cache: If you have ever connected your phone to your PC, you might have noticed that there is a folder in your DCIM folder that is known as .thumbnail. That is nothing but the thumbnail cache. But whenever you will get a warning. By making use of QuickPic, you can easily delete that thumbnail cache (not the folder) and free up some memory.

That’s all! As a freemium photo management app for Android, QuickPic is really great for all types of people. If you don’t like to use the inbuilt gallery app, simply switch to QuickPic. That will be the ultimate solution.

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