How to Remove Screenshot Symbol from Screenshots in Android

You know that Android is one of the best mobile operating system out there and there is no such competitor in the market of this OS. This is famous for it’s outstanding quality of millions of applications, games etc.

There are thousands of developers who are developing their own applications to help Android users in every step. I have already mentioned tons of article on Android software, tips and tricks.

Today’s tutorial is pretty different from previous guides. You know that Android ICS and later versions do not require any third party software to capture your screen. You can press power button + volume down button simultaneously to get your screen captured.

The first screenshot doesn’t have any screenshot button/symbol in the status bar but such a symbol appears from second captured shot. If you want to take continuous screenshots at one time without having the symbol, here is a solution for you.

You don’t have to press the cross button under status bar. Here is an application that will let you do whatever you want. You can also remove the battery and network signals/Wi-Fi signal, Time etc. from the status bar without using other third party apps or image editors.

How to remove screenshot symbol from screenshots in Android?

This is pretty easy with ScreenshotCleaner. This is a freemium software available in Google Play Store. Just download a free copy of ScreenshotCleaner (download link provided below) on your Android phone which is running on Android 4.0 or later version.

After capturing all screenshots, just open this app and select those images from what you would like to remove the symbol. After that a screen something like the following picture will be appeared;

Remove Screenshot Symbol from Screenshots in Android

The last step is pressing the Save button.

Example of ScreenshotCleaner:

Remove Screenshot Symbol from Screenshots in Android

That’s all! You have done!

Get it on Google Play

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