Sputnik – Simple RSS Reader for Windows, Mac and Linux

You know that people don’t want to read traditional newspaper after arriving iPad, Android tablet etc. where they you will get the same and better news even faster.

This is a common fact that traditional newspaper displays all news which has been happened yesterday when you will get all current news from different blog and the website of various popular news channel like BBC.

But to read current news in a better and different way, you should make use of RSS readers. RSS reader is such a great tool or service that will provide the same news but in a different and best way.

Sputnik – Simple RSS Reader for Windows, Mac and Linux

Previously, I have mentioned so many feed readers to read your blog and today I am going to add one more to the list. Sputnik is yet another great and minimalist RSS feed reader. There is another reason behind its popularity. Sputnik is a portable software and hence you don’t have to install it anywhere.

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Sputnik Availability:

If you are using computer or laptop then you might not have to worry about the availability because it is available for Windows, Mac OS X 10.7+ and Linux 64-bit.

Start using Sputnik RSS Reader:

It comes with really a minimum interface but this is too much attractive. On the other end, this is also very easy to use for anyone. You won’t get so many multifaceted options or features in Sputnik and it makes it calm to read feeds as well.

After opening this tool on your computer, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Sputnik RSS Reader

It asks you to add feed to start reading. Enter any site URL or the exact feed URL that you would like to read.

Sputnik RSS Reader

The Sputnik interface is pretty good and doesn’t have so many options. The following picture is an example of Sputnik interface.

Sputnik RSS Reader

You can also organize your feeds via category. To create a category, just select New Category while adding feed and enter a category name. I would suggest you to do so because it helps users to manage different kind of sites in better way.

Final Word:

There is no other thing to say because I have told you that this is the power of minimalism. So, if you just want to read your favorite blogs, you can opt in to Sputnik, else you can try other readers.

Download Sputnik

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