What We have done in 2013 on Versed Tech?

You know that today is 1st January 2014 and you have just got another blank 365 days in your life dairy. Now you should write a better story for your future because your future depends on your today’s work.


Generally, I, Sudip, do not share any personal story at Versed Tech but I think today is the best day to share something about me what I actually I can’t do. It says “13” is an unlucky number but it was much lucky for me because in this year, I have earned for the first time in my life and bought something for my blog.

I have learnt so many things from various weblogs and tried something new on this blog to get better result. Sometime, it was fine when sometime not. 2013 has been passed away with so many vicissitudes as usual.

Here is what we have done:


In this month, I decided to use a particular theme instead of changing frequently. Previously, I used to install two or three themes in each couple of days. But from January, I decided to forget installing any other theme except one. So, at first, I installed SimpleMarket theme which is a free theme developed by WPMU DEV and customized it according to my requirements.


Although February was not so much memorable but in March, there were some ups and downs as well. On March 12, we changed the theme again. But this time, it was a premium theme, Elemin by Themify and developed the theme according to me and my readers.


I still remember that I completed all customization work on 19 March and got an attack by Google Panda on 22 March. The update was difficult to deal for me because then I had no idea about Google Panda and all the other corresponding stuffs.


In this month, I crossed $10 in my Google AdSense account and after almost 15 days, I got the PIN what AdSense sends to verify the publisher account and given address. My entire family member got shocked after seeing such a letter that was arrived from CA. I live in village and the postman was also so surprised after seeing such an address in the “FROM” area of that letter. It took so much time for me to make him out about the letter.


On 11 May, I crossed $100 in AdSense and that was yet another happy moment for me because that was the first time when I earned some money from my end.


I got the AdSense check for the first time in my life. My mother got shocked again because she had no idea that I was earning. The check was on my mother’s name.


In this month, I got only problems because it was the month when Google launched another update, Google Hummingbird. That damaged my blog brutally. My visitor went down to only 400-450 from 1.5k.

(It took so much time to recover the blog from the update)


I got another AdSense check on 17 September. After joining both money (previous check and current one), I bought a hosting package from InMotionHosting and replaced some parts of my old computer. The first package what was bought by my money was the best decision for me.


If you check this blog’s old pages, you will get an idea that I started this blog on blogging niche but I redirected the goal to Tech niche. I did this because I knew that I had no such great and creative knowledge to help newbie bloggers. I didn’t want to help newbies with wrong information. That’s why I stopped doing blog on blogging niche started tech niche. It was another great decision for me.

However, I have had an interest in blogging niche and November is month when I started another blog on blogging niche. I started the blog with my knowledge to help upcoming blogging gurus. This blog is known as GeekPerSuite and it growing beyond my imagination.


In this month, I took another decision for my blog to take them in next level. I installed Genesis on both of my blogs and implement the CopyBlogger Child Theme on Genesis. I love to customize WordPress themes and I did the same with this theme. Now you are watching the CopyBlogger Child Theme on Genesis framework.

Here, I have told all my story of 2013. Now, it’s time to share your story with me so that we can be friend from this beautiful day.

At last, I would wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014. Hope in this year, you will be able to write a better story for your future.

Happy blogging..

Image Credit: Danmoyle

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