How to Automatically Send New Gmail Message to SkyDrive

You know that Gmail is the most popular email service provider that is powered by Google Inc. Although there are several email providers like Outlook, Yahoo etc. but most of the people often choose Gmail over them because of it’s security and this is very easy to use as well.

On the other end, IFTTT is standing on IF THIS THEN THAT. Means, you can set different condition to run them inside your own online accounts i.e. Gmail, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Previously, I told you how you could download Instagram video in your Google Drive account using IFTTT and today’s trick is same with that. In this tutorial, you also have to create a recipe that will be looking something like the following picture;

Automatically Send New Gmail Message to SkyDrive

Create IFTTT recipe to send new Gmail message to SkyDrive:

This is however very easy and not yet much time spending. To get started, just create an account on IFTTT and press the “Create” button.

After that, press the link that says “this” choose “Gmail”. The next step is to select a trigger. You can select anyone from the following options;

  • Any new email
  • Any new attachment
  • New email from (someone)
  • New starred email
  • New email labeled
  • New email from search

Select anything and press the Create Trigger button. Now it’s time to select “that”. Select SkyDrive and Add file from URL from Choose an Action.

In the next step, you have to write something like File Name, SkyDrive folder path etc. At last, press the Create Action button.

Automatically Send New Gmail Message to SkyDrive

Now you can enter a small description to identify your recipe quickly.

Note: This entire process will be running when you will get an email, which is less than 30 MB. Else, it won’t work. On the other end, your IFTTT recipe will take few couple of minutes to start working.

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