How to Add Apps in Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Outlook, Project and SharePoint)

You know that Office 2013 is the latest package of Microsoft Office series and there are couple of new features as well. There is a beautiful feature that is known as typing animation. (If you don’t like it, you can simply disable this typing animation)

On the other end, if you like use Word, you might have noticed that it can handle wrong spelling, there is an in-built synonyms package either in Word. Even though this feature in available in previous versions also but it is much developed.

Add Apps in Office 2013

Only in-built features can do something beyond your imagination. But if you would like to do even more, you can add different apps in Office Word, Excel, Outlook, Project and SharePoint.

Here’s how you can do so. Although the number of apps is limited but most of them are much useful and can help you to do something in a better and faster method.

How to add apps in Office 2013?

This is however pretty easy and not yet much time spending task too. Here, I am going to show how you can add apps in Office Word 2013 but all other processes are same for other tools i.e. Outlook, SharePoint etc.

So, at first open your Word and navigate to INSERT and Apps for Office respectively. Click on that and go through the link that says See All.

Add Apps in Office 2013

You are doing it for the first time and that’s why you have to go to the Office Store.

Add Apps in Office 2013

Now sign in with your Outlook ID. Make sure that the Email ID must same as your signed in Email ID of Office package.

After that, you will get an Add button. Press that and it will be redirected to your Word again. Now again open navigate to INSERT >> Apps for Offce >> See All. Then you can see the app that you have added previously. Just select that and press the Insert button.

Add Apps in Office 2013

That’s all! Each app work in it’s own way. I have added Bing Image Search here and it works in the right pane of your Word. Just like the following picture;

Add Apps in Office 2013

I think this tiny tutorial will help you a lot. If you have any question, feel free and do let us know.

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