How to Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles without Any Third Party Software

You know that Wikipedia is one of the best site where you can find articles on almost everything. More than 100 articles join to Wikipedia in each day. If you browse internet a lot, I am sure that you are known to this site, which is available in different languages as well.

I have been reading Wikipedia articles for a long time. Whenever I try to find something through Google or Bing using a single keyword, I get an article from Wikipedia in 9 out of 10 times. Although some articles are very boring to read but most of the time, you will get correct information because the moderators are very strict when approving an article.

Anyway, Wikipedia articles are pretty long in general. Sometime you might not get much time to read that entire article. At such time, I save the article in Instapaper to read that later. However, if you don’t like Instapaper or any other “Read it Later” tool, here is a tiny tutorial for you that will let you create a abook using Wikipedia articles without using any third party software.

How to create a book suing Wikipedia articles?

This is however very easy and you can do it within a minute. Just open some Wikipedia articles what you want to add in your book. You can also select only one page.

There is an option called “Create a book” in your left pane under “Print/export”.

Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles

It will be redirected to such a page from where you have to press the button that says “Start book creator”.

Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles

Now you have to add pages by clicking on “Add this page to your book”.

Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles

You can also check some suggestion provided by Wikipedia. This suggestion appears according to the type of the selected article(s).

Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles

After selecting everything, press the “Show book (number of page)” link.

Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles

Now, you can enter Title, Sub Title etc. of your eBook. After that, select a format in which you would like to get your book and press the “Download” button.

Create a Book Using Wikipedia Articles

That’s all! You have done!

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