Agent – 5 in One Automation Android App to Save Battery and More

Android doesn’t require any introduction because everyone knows that this is the best platform to run Mobile and Tablet. I have previously mentioned so many Android apps and sorted out top 53 Android apps of 2013 before few days.

Google Play is there to provide tons of free applications, games etc. and tons of developers are always busy to create a creative app that will make living easier. But you should always be aware of spam application when downloading something from Google Play any other third party resources.

On the other end, I have also mentioned some apps to do something in automation. Sometime they worked great when sometime not. However, today’s app is an all in one type of app that is available for Android on Google Play.

Agent – 5 in One Automation Android App

Introducing Agent:

When Agent is there, you don’t have to use multiple applications to save your battery life, set sleeping time when phone will be in Silent mode, remember parking zones, remember to put your phone in silent when you have to go to a meeting and respond to calls or messages automatically when you are driving.

The entire aforementioned task can be done by making use of only one application and that is known “Agent” (Download link given below).

How does Agent work?

The procedure is pretty simple and it is easy to use as well. After opening this app on your phone that is running on Android 4.0 and up, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Agent – 5 in One Automation Android App

The above screen indicates that your app has been activated. After that, the following screen will be appeared.

Agent – 5 in One Automation Android App

From here, you can set it up properly according to your requirements.


Agent – 5 in One Automation Android App

This part of Agent will conserve your battery when you need it most. You can set a level from the “Configure” tab and your phone will do the following thing when it arrives the preset level;

  • Switch off non-critical programs
  • Pause auto-sync
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Stop Bluetooth from working



If you don’t want to be disturbed (who else wants to be) when you are sleeping, you can automatically put your phone in silent mode using this section of Agent. From the “Configure” tab, you have to select Start Time, End Time, Custom contact list who can contact you, send text to verify urgency to the caller, allow or disallow repeat calls and lot more.



It will help you to remember where you have to park your car through the Map. It detects the location automatically through the Bluetooth connection between your phone and your car. On the other tend, I simple mark will be added automatically in the given map where you have disconnected your phone Bluetooth from your Car Bluetooth.



It will also assist you to put your phone in Silent mode when you have to attend to a meeting. It will automatically detect schedule after synchronizing the list of your Calendar.



By using this part of Agent, you can send text message automatically when you are driving your car. Whenever your mobile phone’s Bluetooth will be connected with your car’s Bluetooth, it will start running.

I hope this little software can compete some paid apps of the market. By the way, it was also paid ($1.99) but the developers made it free few days back.

Get it on Google Play

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