Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.0 Released for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

Although, Ultimate Windows Tweaker was available for Windows 7 and Vista users but now it is available for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 by TheWindowsClub. You don’t have to install it on your PC since it is portable and very light-weight.

Introducing Ultimate Windows Tweaker:

When you are not familiar with Registry editor and Local Group Policy Editor of your Windows PC, you can switch to Ultimate Windows Tweaker to customize your PC within moments.

There are several sections in this portable application. You will get the following parts in it;

  • Customization
  • User Accounts
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Internet Explorer
  • Additional

Each section is famous for it’s outstanding options. Apart from these tabs, you can also regular system information like OS version, Rating, Processor, System-Type, RAM and lot more.

[All list of available options are sorted in the quality. You can do lot more by making us of this Ultimate Windows Tweaker.]



This section is also divided into four tabs i.e. Taskbar, File Explorer, Modern UI and Additional. You can do the following things by using of this section;

  • Remove volume icon from notification area
  • Remove network icon from notification area
  • Remove action center icon from notification area
  • Remove clock from notification area
  • Remove battery meter from notification area
  • Separate taskbar in groups
  • Remove taskbar
  • Remove clock
  • Remove taskbar buttons
  • Change thumbnail size
  • Change margin
  • Show Windows version on desktop
  • Enable auto-colorization
  • Disable aero peek feature
  • Don’t show low disk space warning
  • Make taskbar button switch to last active window
  • Hide preview pane
  • Add “Open Command Window Here” option (in context menu)
  • Add “Copy to…” option to every object (in Context menu)
  • Add “Take Ownership” option to files and folders (in context menu)
  • Play start screen animations on logon as well as every time start screen is shown
  • Disable lock screen
  • Disable changing lock screen image
  • Disable Toast notifications
  • Disable Password reveal button

User Accounts:


  • Display last logon information on Logon screen
  • Make user enter username while logging on
  • Use Smart card to login
  • Disable updating Group Policy on startup
  • Enable virtualize file and Registry write failures to Per-user Locations
  • Enable admin approval mode for built-in administrator account
  • Require users to press CRTL+ALT+DEL to logon
  • Custom logon message



  • Custom waiting time to kill applications timeout during shutdown
  • Custom time to end services at shutdown
  • Custom waiting time to kill non-responding application
  • Auto-End non responsive programs
  • Restart Shell automatically after some error
  • Turn off search indexer
  • Custom L2 cache
  • Disable tablet input service
  • Disable Windows update service



  • Disable Registry Editor
  • Disable Control Panel
  • Disable task manager
  • Disable WinKey shortcuts
  • Disable Command Prompt
  • Disable UAC
  • Disable the ability of Log Off
  • Disable Internet communication
  • Disable folder options menu
  • Disable explorer’s context menu
  • Disable access to taskbar context menu
  • Turn off user tracking
  • Disable Windows media center
  • Disable Windows error reporting
  • Disable “Add features to Windows 8”
  • Disable Windows store
  • Disable Windows updates
  • Disable Windows Media Player auto updates

Internet Explorer:


  • Enable menu bar
  • Enable suggested sites
  • Use Cleartype font
  • Disable compatibility list
  • Show tabs below address bar
  • Notify when download complete
  • Clear cache on every exit
  • Always load IE in full screen mode
  • Enable smooth scrolling
  • Show HTTPs errors
  • Enable third party browser extensions



  • Use Autoplay for all media and devices
  • Custom DPI scaling
  • Use small taskbar icons
  • Show balloons in notification area
  • Turn off automatic applications termination
  • Prevent network auto-discovery
  • Integrate UWT with desktop context menu

Final Word:

So, you have seen that almost everything to tweak Windows is available in this brilliant software. To restore back everything what you have changed using this tool, just press the “Restore Default” that is located inside this Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

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