Groupiful – Web App to Organize Your Small Team

How do you organize your team and motivate them to work for hours? As a founder of your small business, you should always be active with your team members to engage and get most out of them.

As a team member, I often use Skype, Hike, WhatApps, Facebook Group Chat feature, Google Hangouts etc. to always get in touch with my small team, which is made with only 4 friends. However, that was not enough for our team and me. That is, why all our team members tried finding something that by which we can be stay tuned with each other at every moment. Moreover, the result is Groupiful.

Groupiful is a brilliant web application that generally provides 100 MB free space to upload some files, add notes, events information and lot more. You might thinking that “damn! It is only 100 MB? Not good yet.” But wait! This 100 MB is enough for a team like us, which has 4-5 active members.

How to organize small team using Groupiful?

The first thing to choose a plan after deciding how do you use it. If you have to upload lot of files, you can opt in to “Corporate Plan” that is $30 per month and provides 100 members in addition.

On the other end, there are also some other plans like $15/month (50 users + 2 GB space), $5/month (25 users + 500 MB space) and the free plan (10 users + 100 MB space).

Start using Groupiful:

Obviously, you have to sign up to get the access. After signing in to this app, you have to create group by navigating to My Groups >> Create a Group.

Groupiful – Web App to Organize Your Small Team

You can add few details like unique group name, details, visibility (either Private or Public) and member role.

Groupiful – Web App to Organize Your Small Team

However, I can’t show you the our personal conversations at here but here is a screenshot that will give you an idea about how it will be looking when you will chat with someone else.

Groupiful – Web App to Organize Your Small Team

You can add tasks, events, general notes, to-do list, files etc. in your group. But make sure that all your files are less than 100 MB when you are on free plan.

That’s all! I have been using this web app for few days now and this is total reasonable. Hope it would be helpful for you as well.

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